Kristin Saylor

I'm an Episcopal priest and breathwork practitioner based in New York City. My vocation is to bridge the gaps between mind and body, sacred and mundane, church and city.


Musings on healing, faith, and ridiculously authentic living

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Active Recovery as Life Skill

There are a great number of things I wish had been a part of my formal education. Like how to fold a fitted sheet. Or how to check my tire pressure...
- 17 Jan
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Erasing the Anger Taboo

I have always had a fiery temper. One of my most vivid childhood memories is of an elementary school soccer match that my team lost in the final...
- 03 Jan
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What the heck is breathwork, anyway?

Let’s be real: the name isn’t particularly revealing. The first time I saw breathwork listed as a healing modality alongside reiki,...
- 03 Oct


Breathwork is a healing practice that is as simple as it is powerful. By using a specific, active breathing pattern designed to bypass the overactive brain, breathwork creates space for incredible healing by uniting mind, body, and spirit.



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On how my breathwork journey has enriched my work as a religious leader


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